Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cheese Mystery - SOLVED!

If you know me in real life (or if you've read the bit at the side of my blog) you will know that my favourite food is.... CHEESE!

If you have read my posts so far or even my facebook statuses (statii?) you may remember my horror at the orangeness of American and Canadian cheese.

But a visit from my friend Mindy, and also some recent conversations with some Canadians has helped me to realise that the problem with cheese is not actually cheese problem... but a colour-vision-optics-reception problem!

Ok. I will illustrate this with pictures:

This is the colour of cheese here.
(This is actually a cheddar-mozerella mix...cheddar is the carrot coloured one)
Now, I have brought up with several people the fact that the cheddar here is orange, only to be met by quizzical looks and defensive 'that's not orange' remarks...

( is this not orange?)

It wasn't until I showed Mindy some normal coloured cheese that it all made sense!
Me: See. This is yellow cheese.
Mindy: No, that is white cheese.

This same statement has been verified by other Canadians... cheese this colour is 'white cheese' here.

Dear people,This cheese is yellow.
It is also the normal colour for cheese.
                                  from Kaye.

See! It all makes sense now!
My findings are conclusive: all Canadians and Americans have trouble seeing colours!
Especially orange and yellow!
This is why their cheese is a weird colour!

PS This next cheese is actually white cheese.


  1. Twin!
    You're pretty much Penny from Inspector Gadget!

  2. Glad you have solved the mystery for the Canadians. Perhaps a colour wheel would also help them.
    Love Mum XXXOOO