Friday, February 17, 2012

SO HOW IS IT GOING? (dedicated to Lisa and her enthusiastic questioning)

 Hi Everyone,
So... as of tomorrow I've lived here for 4 weeks! Wow that has gone fast!

I am living with a really lovely family! The three boys I am nannying are 7, 4 and 2 (well 2 tomorrow). The kids are really cute, very active, super clever and lots of fun. The parents are so nice! I have seriously been so blessed to be put with such a great group of people!

Ok... where to start...

About Where I Live:
Canada is so pretty! The first day I moved here there was snow! I really should have taken photos that day, because the snow didn't last. It was so pretty though! It was even cold enough to use outside as extra fridge/freezer room. ha

It has either warmed up since then, or I've just got used to the cold. (it has only snowed once since... so maybe it is actually warmer). The area I live in has really beautiful big houses that look like a cute suburb straight out of the movies!

I also have mountain views from the end of the street! Oh such an amazing view!!!!! I don't think I will get tired of massive mountains in the distance.

Look at these cool big trees! I can't wait to see them in Spring... and Autumn!!! wow!

It does happen to rain here a lot... feels a bit like home really! haha
Oh it's such a pretty country! I like it here!

About what I've done so far:
Well for a week and a half I had the house to myself while the family were holidaying. It was such a great opportunity to get to know the town (and house), join the library, get a bank card, work out the crazy bus system, hang out with Mindy, meet some fun French nannies, hang out in Vancouver a bit (it's so far away by public transport! bleh!) and look at mountains.

Since they got back I have been the boys' nanny for 2 weeks! The schedule changes a bit each week depending on the parents' work, but basically the 7 year old goes to school, the 4 year old spends 3 afternoons at preschool and 2 at skate lessons and the 2 year old is potty training (oh the fun!).

I like to try and have a little something planned to do with the boys (2 and 4 year old) each morning... and with the rain we haven't been able to do much outside play yet. So... we've painted, pasta-printed, made pasta necklaces, baked lamingtons, valentines cupcakes & banana muffins, bubble-painted, visited the library, accidentally ended up at toddler gym (it was actually really fun!) and 'sewed' these cute 'secret-note' envelopes for valentines day (I got to have the paper one because Mr 4 decided it was important to make the dog a proper one...but mine got to have the REALLY BIG glitter circle so that makes it ok :)  haha).

We've also read close to a million stories (I can quote 'Tiny Little Fly' word for word, which comes in handy when trying to entertain a 2 year old while waiting at school in the rain...and also when heads get in the way of the pages while you're trying to read) and watched 'gummy bear' sooooo many times I have dreams about that green bear!

Hmm ok. I need to sleep, but I will continue to update you soon. :)

PS orange cheese actually does taste good, despite being orange.


  1. Have been waiting for this next instalment. Thank you!! Sounds like you are having fun!
    Could check out Better World Books if you need more books. I had some sent here quite cheaply!
    Love you Mum XXXXOOOO

  2. You are super nanny! I am so embarrassed that I have never even done half that stuff with my kids. So amazing K, missing you

  3. I knew you'd like orange cheese! :)
    You'll never get tired of the mountains...having lived here almost all my life, I still am astounded by them.

  4. You're amazing Kaye. i love pinching your craft ideas. This post made me giggle. The potty training and the books by memory are so familiar right now. Love and miss you millions xx Lisa

  5. Hello again!
    Your boys are so lucky to have you for their Nanny! Love the photos. I have sent you my email address via Nath's facebook. All the best for fun times with Mr 2 and potty training - I am spending time with my Mr 2 doing the exact same thing. Am going to add a ping pong ball for target practice. Except when we go the grass!
    Love ya!