Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Canada

My Christmas was not white. It was wet. But not white.
It was cold. I think maybe 4 degrees.... not that I was outside much.
It was fun though.
In the morning we saw deer. (I didn't have my camera with me though. So just imagine two grown up deer and a smaller one) They are so beautiful!
And just happen to live across the road from where I am staying.

In the afternoon we travelled south for Christmas dinner with the family. It was an amazing dinner of turkey, potatoes, mashed sweet potato with brown sugar crispy on the top, carrots, bread rolls and such.
It was a nice family dinner, sort of like what we have at home. 12 people crowded around 2 tables full of food! (there were, however, no bon bons or bon bon jokes! haha) There was a good family atmosphere, even though I met most of these people for the first time that afternoon.

Christmas baking seems to be a big thing, there were shortbread and nanaimo bars (oh these are so yum!) and... other cakes and slices and biscuits! So much deliciousness
For dessert there was apple pie and chocolate cupcakes.

We had presents, and santa even managed to find me over here! He spoilt me with hand knitted mittens, scarf and beanie and another pair of mittens and 2 cute Canadian Christmas Ornaments. Spoilt!
I made sure everyone got a clip-on koala and a little souvenier from Australia. It was fun watching people examine our money. "Why is your $2 smaller than your $1?" and "How come you don't have a quarter and a penny!?" Some things will never make sense. Over here $1 are called looneys. funny.

Six year old Sydney and I played the six songs that came with her mini piano so many times that I knew them off by heart. Oh fun times. She is a character.

It was a fun Christmas. We listened to Country Christmas Carols on the way home and went to bed very full!

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  1. Glad you had a great time! Thank you to those who spoiled and fed my girl!