Sunday, December 4, 2011


So... it’s 9 days until I leave Australia.
The plan thus far is to spend a week in LA, then a few days in Vancouver, a few days on Vancouver Island with some relatives...and then... well I just have just under 4ish weeks to fill in before I start work as a nanny for 3 little boys.
So for the next 12 months I will be on the other side of the world in cold, beautiful Canada.
I thought I would ask myself some questions... partly because these are the things I would wonder if my friend moved across the world, partly because these are the questions people have asked me...and partly because I have another 1.5hours to fill on this train (I am sure trains are slower these days! Hmm I am on a mission to solve the mystery of the slower trains).
Ok here we go... (feel free to add any more questions if you know, a bit of audience participation and whatnot...ha I might need to find an audience first...ok, back to the point)

Where are you going again?

By yourself?
Yes. Well, my sister is coming to LA with me for a week, but then it’s all me.

Why are you going?
Oh good question, self. There are a few reasons. I am not going to get away from my job (because actually I love it) or my friends (because actually I love them), but actually the opposite. I feel a bit comfortable at the moment. I have everything I need - amazing job, cute house, super fun car, the best friends ever and even a crazy cat. I thought this would be a great year to stretch myself. To become more self-reliant, more God-reliant (hmm can you become both of those at the same time?), more submissive (living with people, getting paid a fifth of what I was & not having my own car is going to be a huge challenge), to become more confident, to gain new perspective, to relearn how to love & relate to kids as individuals not just as a class.
I chose Canada because it is absolutely gorgeous. I want to explore and see more of this amazing planet (do you ever wonder if other planets are actually as diverse as earth? When I think of Mars I think of barren and the whole planet like that? Maybe it is... we are super blessed to live on this brilliant planet hey!). And also there is SNOW!
Also, next year I turn 30. There are so many things I thought I would have done and been by the time I turned thirty... I remember my mum turning 30. It’s a bit old! Haha. I guess this is a bit of a Hamish and Andy Gap Year. The gap year I didn’t have 12 years ago. Oh I think I am going to appreciate it so much more this year than I would’ve at 17.

So you don’t want to be a teacher anymore?
(someone asked me this the other day)
Actually everything within me wants to be a teacher still! I love teaching! I know, without a doubt, that it is what I have been created for. I am going to miss it! And I feel a bit sorry for those 3 little boys, I don’t think I can lose my desire to educate! Mwahaha! I will be back (unless something crazy happens)! I love my job, my school, ‘my’ kids, my colleagues.

Are you excited?
I wish I was.
I’m not not excited either.
I feel a bit nothing.
Most of the time.
There have been definite moments of emotion... but I haven’t really been excited or sad about going, more anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed about the 7 million things I need to do in the next 9 days. Maybe once I finish everything, then I will be emotional about the actual trip. Or maybe I am just focusing on the million things I need to do so I don’t have to face the emotion I have buried deep about leaving here... hmm look at me psychoanalysing myself.

Are you ready? Have you got your...(insert 50 million different things here)
Nope. Thursday is the day. I am going to tick everything off my list on Thursday. So unless you are bringing snacks or helping me clean my house you will not hear from me on Thursday. Probably.
I have got all the paperwork I need.
Yes I have my visa, passport, contract...etc. (I think the next person who asks these ones I am going to answer  “what? You need a passport???!!”)

No I don’t have enough warm clothes. I promise I will buy some when I get there. There are 4 reasons for my slackness in this department:
1.  I am lazy and hate clothes shopping
2.  It’s summer here. Even if I wanted to stock up on warm clothes it isn’t possible.
3.  Australian winter does not compare to Canadian winter. The clothes I would purchase here are not actually going to cut it in Canada.
4.  Canada will have the best clothes for Canada. And hopefully they won’t be as expensive as clothes here... but that’s just a hope, not a fact.

Yes I have enough Journals.

How old are the boys?
Almost 2, 4 and 7.

Is the family super rich and are they going to take you on trips in their private jet?
I don’t think so. But they seem really lovely. I am looking forward to meeting them!

Well laptop is nearly out of battery (but I still have 40 minutes on the train). Any other questions?
Anything I really need to know before I leave?
Also, did you know there are no penguins in Canada? Well not native ones, maybe they have some in their zoos. I think that’s sad, because they would probably like it there... well except for the bears and such.


  1. Friend! It's the night before you fly away for a year!! Just thought I better jump on here and check that you have your passport?! I just don't think I could sleep if I didn't check! Lol. Have the funnest time!

  2. I think you found the 50 million different things!! :-)

  3. I love this post, thanks for answering these important questions. Missing knowing you share a country with me