Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Tuesday That Went Forever!

Ok, only a quick post... because I have to get up super early in the morning.
This week Tuesday lasted for 43 hours! That is just ridiculous!

Air New Zealand redeemed themselves (after the cranky lady incident) with super yummy food (seriously! The lamb was amazing - both dinners!), having the Office, Community and the Simpsons on their little tv screens... and by having the funnest safety video in the world!
It was sort of a mix of this one, the All Blacks one & the Nothing to Hide one. So fun!

Once I met up with Tracey in LA we made our way to our hotel...which may look close to the station on a map, but it isn't when you are pulling your massive suitcase with you :)

We accidentally found a really cool Mexican street - Olvera Street. It was so fun! We will probably go back there on Friday night so we can take some pictures because I didn't realise going for dinner would need a camera... I'll learn soon!

Anyway. I will update you on our crazy tour soon, but I need to give Tracey a turn of the laptop.

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