Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tour.

Tracey and I are currently on a 3 day tour. LA to San Francisco and back.
For future reference... this is a looong way to go in three days, we have done so much!

Our tour is a Seagull tours tour. Our guide and most of the travels are Chinese, which means that there are lots of Chinatown stops and the commentary is in both Chinese and broken-English. But it was super cheap, and we've met two other Aussies which makes travelling fun!

Yesterday we started off in Chinatown LA, by 11 we arrived in Solvang. It was really cool to meet up with our mum's mum's mum's sister's daughter's daughter's there!

We'd never met them before, but they were so lovely! They took us out for a proper Danish lunch and spoiled us with pasteries, fudge and nacho chips. I so wish we had more time in Solvang! It was such a cute town and even had a windmill!

Next we went to Hearst Castle. So fancy! That guy must've had some money! He had amazing artefacts from everywhere!

We spent the night at the Crowne Plaza! Back at home this is the hotel that I dream of staying in!
We got 6 pillows each and also Phineas and Ferb was on the TV when we arrived (oh I love that show!)

We got up early (but not as early as tomorrow) and went to Stanford University.... well I think we did - there wasn't actually any Stanford signs! Anywhere! We did some cool posing though and had fun following the tour guide and his yellow flag. haha

We next went for a cruise around San Francisco harbour. It was sooooo cold and windy! I learnt that Alcatraz was named after the Spanish word for pelicans... uh huh... Pelican doesn't have the same ring to it as Alcatraz does it? hehe

 We spent a bit of time on Pier 39. We had "fish and chips with a side of french fries" oh America!
There were 2 signs that made me laugh. This one:
And one in the chocolate shop that said something like "Chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer, fertility problems and birth defects may be present in the products sold in this shop" (this is not a direct quote... but it was something like that) scary hey! (it took us a while to warm up to chocolate eating again... a while... as in minutes)

The rest of the day was spent tripping around places like the Golden Gate Bridge,

Lombard Street and a fancy building right next to the Exploratorium! ARGH! i so wish I got to go to the Exploratorium! Their website is so fun, I used it for school heaps this year, especially when we were doing space.

In the afternoon Tracey and I ditched the optional tour and went to the post office and then did some shopping. The line in the Post Office was sooo long! One woman came in and said to me "this is worse than the IRS on April 15!" I smiled and nodded... but actually had no idea what this reference actually meant, we decided that it has something to do with tax return due date or something? Humorous.

Anyway, I better add some pictures, to keep you non readers interested and then head to bed. We leave the hotel at 4:50am tomorrow and head to Yosemite National Park! It should be fun! Not super looking forward to 10 hours on the bus, but hey, we have seen so many things! So it's worth it!

This photo is just to show you my hat hair. Pretty hey!


  1. Very good to be kept up to date. Thank you!!

  2. That sign about the chemicals isn't limited to chocolate shops, we saw them in hotel lobbies (near the restaurant) too!! Scary much?! Lol