Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yosemite Vegemite

Today we went to Yosemite. I was having a grammatical argument in my head last night...but it is too complicated to explain in writing, since it's hard to describe pronunciations and such things.
Let me just say Yosemite... Vegemite. hmm.

Yosemite was so beautiful! I can't really describe the size and beauty of the things we pretty! AMAZING!!! (I mean...Look at the pictures!) And also VERY cold! Like the kind of cold where your pants feel like they are turning to ice and your fingers go a bit blue-ish...I think I may need to stock up on warmth immediately upon arriving in Canada or I may not survive the first evening.

Today I discovered the first thing I miss from Australia... Sausage McMuffins. It surprised me. I was sure there would be something else I would miss first. But nope sausage mcmuffins it is. This morning I had a 'Sausage Biscuit' (you have to click on the menu at the side) at Hungry Jacks (or was it Burger King? I can't remember which version it was... probably Burger King...back to my point). It still makes me feel nauseous when I think about it. the 'biscuit' was like a scone... sort of. hard to describe, but I don't recommend them (though, if you do happen to like them, we can still be friends, I will just eat the hash browns instead).

In other food related experiences of today... Tracey bought a packet of milk duds. They were nothing like I imagined. In my head I have always (right back to my Babysitters Club days) pictured these as white chocolate buds. Nope. They are caramel covered in chocolate. Sort of like a Fan-Tale but softer and rounder and smaller.

Also, this evening we bought Subway from downstairs. It was so cheap! It cost $7 total for two subs and two cookies. Food is cheap here.

Most of our whole day was spent on a bus... 10 hours in fact so I don't have much to tell you about the adventures of the day... so instead here are 5 facts you need to know about America from the point of view of us:

- Over here they drive on the wrong side of the road. We all know this already, but this also means cars come from the opposite direction you would expect (as experienced by Tracey on Tuesday) & you have to get on buses on the other side.
- There are sensors here... sensor flushing toilets (these still scare Tracey...but so does the static channel on the tv), sensor taps, sensor soap, sensor paper dispensers... you pretty much don't need to touch anything. (I am not sure what would happen if there was a blackout)
- Don't ever order a tall drink. They are huge! I couldn't even finish the small coke I got this morning...they are almost as big as a large in Australia
- Speed limits are funny here. Oh miles miles miles. It's weird seeing speed limits like 70 for freeways and such.
- America is fun. They have yellow school buses, fire hydrant shaped fire hydrants, black and white police cars, places called Pasadena & Fresno and other such things that you usually only see on movies and tv (unless you live in America... then you would probably see these things all the time... unless you have your eyes closed often)

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me!

PS an ad just came on for a 89c taco. What? How is that even a price?


  1. You're cracking me up! And let me just say that Yosemite and Vegemite do not sound similar. :)

  2. I agree about the babysitters club imaginiation- although i thought they were more like milk bottles! This is fun reading about your trip but im just wanting to go back even more now!! Hope you guys are well :)

  3. oh wow, Yosemite looks amazing, oh & ALSO, we tried milk duds ... 2 things that seem equal in importance? haha. you make me giggle Kay-e. I wish we had fire hydrant-shaped fire hydrants here, & I would definitely be scared of what you'd get in an 89c taco!

  4. Yosemite - is it pro jounced like 'yosammady Sam?' just wondering!! And ohhmygoshhh!! I didn't know you were a babysitters club fan?? We could have had so many more conversations.. Will have to be rain-checked now til skyline time :))) gosh we miss you (me&annaleise that is - not me&my split personality haha) and I'm sure Chris does to. Thanks for all the photos updates on Facebook!! It's making it feel like you're still right here xxxoox

  5. Yep Yosemite is exactly like Yosammady Sam! I think he must have been from around these parts.
    I was definitely a babysitters club fan. I think I read nearly all of them!
    Cass! for $7 Tracey and I got 2 6-inch subs and 2 cookies at subway. It is crazy how cheap American food is!
    Oh I miss you guys!