Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hockey is better than cricket, and other things about Canada.

Hockey is my new favourite game. To watch. Not play. (just wanted to clarify). I think the only other sport I like watching as much is soccer.

The hockey I am talking about is ice hockey. Ice hockey is called hockey here and hockey is called field hockey. Ha crazy Canada!

Today I watched my first ever Canadian Hockey game. It moves so fast! There's no standing around and a million replays like in cricket, just action and violence and speed the whole time! So fun!

I am getting up early tomorrow morning to watch another game!

Hopefully I will get to see a NHL game at some point! If not, I think I will be at a lot of under 8s games once I am a nanny! Oh I can't wait! So much cuteness ahead!

Other fun things about Canada:
- This morning I got to see some deer, they hang out across the road from where I am staying. So pretty!
- Their car seats have heaters in them so you can warm your butt!
- Cars driving on the right still confuses me. I am so nervous about driving on the wrong side! I think going straight will be easy enough, but turning corners and landing on the correct side and going backwards around roundabouts...eek!
- Nanaimo bars are so delicious
- French Canadian food is just like Australian food... tourtiere & poutine is just like meat pie and chips... only with gravy and cheese curds on the chips. Pretty yum.
- Salmon die once they do the crazy climb up the river and lay their eggs. I know this because I have seen the carcasses! SOOOO gross!
- Bald eagles are cool. I've seen 6 in the wild so far. And 6 deer. But no bears or moose or beavers or squirrels or raccoons.
- Seagulls here are bigger I think. They also sound different.
- You can see America from the bottom of Vancouver Island. So crazy! Imagine just looking out over the ocean and going "oh there's a whole other country!" hmm I guess that's pretty normal for most places in the world. But not Australia.
- I love that I get to wear proper winter clothes here! Like snow boots and mittens and scarves and beanies and hoods (I especially love hoods)! Winter clothes are heaps cuter than summer clothes.
- I think that's all for now. I hope things are going well for you wherever you are!


  1. If there is some nostalgia for land of Australia, Cricket is a common pursuit in summer in Vancouver. Dad

  2. I love that you love hoods :) Hoping you see a racoon soon. Canada sounds super fun. Kinda grossed out about the salmon though.

  3. Hi Lil Kaye,
    Love reading about your latest adventures! Totally with you that hockey is better than cricket. Am learing lots about Canada from you. Keep having fun and showing us your pics.
    Love Alison x